Talkeetna Community Council Inc.

The next meeting will be Monday, Nov 3rd, 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Elementary School.

Nov 2014 agenda

Nov 2014 correspondence

Oct 2014 draft meeting minutes

Call to Action:

Community members can ask the Council to take action on an issue of importance to them. The following is a list of guidelines the council currently employs:


  • Describe issue.  
  • Provide background info/data, describe pros and cons.   
  • Evidence of broad community support. 
  • How does the issue directly impact the Talkeetna Community Council area?
  • Feasibility
  • Describe proposed action/outcome. 
  • Deadlines?
  • Motion to action/rejection or defer to other resources.
  • Decision postponed: Incomplete application/needs more information.
  • Community-wide vote if the Council is not comfortable making a decision
Please send your email to or contact one of the board members directly.

Meeting Procedures: 

In an effort to avoid further late night meetings, the Chair will be modifying meeting procedure as follows: 

Persons to be heard: Time limit of about 3 minutes. Questions will be allowed, but no discussion. If a motion is desired, the issue can be moved to new or unfinished business.

Guests and members who need more time can request in advance a longer time period for a presentation. Unless they are time-sensitive, such presentations will be limited to one per meeting.

Talkeetna Special Land Use District:

  • Talkeetna has a Special Land Use District commonly known as the SPUD. The SPUD is an enforceable set of rules under the Borough's jurisdiction. To view a complete copy of these zoning ordinances, click the link below. This link will take you to the Borough Code. To find Talkeenta's code look to the left hand column and click on Title 17: Zoning and then look for 17.25- Talkeetna Special Land Use.


  • The Talkeetna Builders & Developers Handbook, which provides Historic Design Guidelines, can be found in the sidebar in the Historic District Design Guidelines folder.


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